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Approx. 2 hours

Read and understand process diagrams confidently

As this training covers everything you need to know from a ‘Readers’ point of view, it is relevant for any user of BIC Process Design. It forms the basis on which further system roles are built.

You will be able to find and read process-related information within BIC Process Design so you have all the information you need in your day-to-day business. For sure, you will realize that a master data-driven system like BIC can do much more than just visualize processes graphically at the very end.

By the end of this course, you'll have learned how...

  • important documented
    processes are.

    Get an impression of the connection between your organization, the added value of documented processes as part of process management, and your role in it.

  • to navigate through
    the process landscape.

    Learn how a multi-level process landscape is structured and how processes are documented in diagrams using notations.

  • to display a process model in different ways.

    View processes and information in different ways to suit your needs and learn how to extract relevant content out of the system.

  • to read a BPMN diagram.

    Gain a basic understanding of the rules and objects of the international notation.

  • important master data is.

    BIC can do more than just visualize processes graphically. The use of master data within a process landscape takes the way you deal with process management to a higher level.

Lars Versteegen &
the GBTEC-Team

In our consulting team, Lars is a specialist for quality and process management. With extensive experience in live or in-person trainings, Lars helps our customers integrate a management system to reduce process waste and improve the quality of individual processes as a consultant. With this course, together with our elearning experts, he wants to help you grow as well!
Let's get started!

Lars Versteegen
[email protected]
Lars Versteegen Consultant Gbtec

What's inside this course...

    1. What to expect from this course

    2. What is a process and Business Process Management?

    3. What is BIC Process Design?

    4. What is your role in BPM?

    5. Quiz

    1. The user interface

    2. Languages

    3. How to access your process content

    4. Exercise

    1. Process landscape on multiple levels

    2. Process models and notations

    3. Navigating the process landscape

    4. Exercise

    1. What is BPMN?

    2. The key elements of a BPMN process diagram

    3. How to read and 'walk through' a BPMN process

    4. Download a BPMN process

    5. Questions about the BPMN process

    1. Experience the process in a non-graphical view

    2. How to extract process information from the system?

    3. How do I know how my process diagram has changed?

    4. Exercise

    1. What is master data in BPM and what is it good for?

    2. Master data catalog

    3. Exploring use cases

    4. Exercise

About this course

  • Contact us for an individual offer
  • 30 lessons
  • 2 hours