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Approx. 1 hour

Master publication workflows in your governance role

This training is designed to cover your tasks and responsibilities from the perspective of the user role ‘Reviewer’ in BIC Process Design.

Get involved in your organization’s publication workflows by understanding the different governance roles you can take in them. With these roles, you will be able to publish or unpublish BPM relevant content and learn how to keep processes up to date.
In the end, not only will you be confident in completing your governance tasks, but you will also notice that BIC's supporting features will make your day-to-day business much easier.
BIC Process Design for Reviewers

By the end of this course, you'll have learned how...

  • important your
    governance role is.

    Learn about the different governance roles and the corresponding tasks in your company.

  • to publish and depublish
    BPM content.

    By learning the different types of publication and depublication workflows, you can ensure that only relevant and up-to-date process models or objects are available to the organization. With these release workflows you can manage information in a standardized and controlled way.

  • to get advantages out of individualized workflows and functionalities.

    Having knowledge about the full potential of BIC’s governance system and supporting features, will benefit your day-to-day business in a noticeable way.

Julia Klaas &
the GBTEC-Team

Julia is a consultant in our consulting team and a specialist for quality and process management as well as for topics from the governance risk and compliance (GRC) environment. Julia is passionate about supporting our customers in building integrated management systems where process management is the central element for all relevant management perspectives. With this course, together with our e-learning experts, she wants to awaken your enthusiasm and help you grow!
Let's get started!

Julia Klaas
Lars Versteegen Consultant Gbtec

What's inside this course...

    1. What to expect from this course

    2. What is process governance

    3. Introduction to workflows

    4. Repositories and stages

    5. Your role in workflows

    1. Standard publication workflow

    2. Extended publication workflow

    3. Editorial publication workflow

    4. Quiz

    1. Standard depublication workflow

    2. Editorial depublication workflow

    3. Quiz

    1. Resubmission workflow

    2. Quiz

    1. How workflows can be configured

    2. How to access the archive

    3. Who will be notified at a (de)publication?

    1. Congratulation!

    2. Your input matters

About this course

  • $2,050.00 / year
  • 19 lessons