Corona shows it clearly: crises can occur suddenly and unexpectedly

How such pandemics or the loss of a supplier can be managed, how emergency processes can be prepared or worst-case scenarios can be tested...

...this course helps you to take appropriate measures to effectively counteract the threats to your organization.
Compliance Automation in HR Procedures

By the end of this course, you'll have learned how...

  • to react fast and properly at an early stage.

    With business impact analysis or scenario preparation, you already think about tomorrow's problems today.

  • you can prepare for crisis situations.

    Without the right preparation, you cannot face possible failures in the future. Get to know the measures that matter.

  • an ISO norm can provide you with the necessary framework for implementing a BCM system.

    Starting with the guidelines for management & planning, through the operation of processes to continuous improvement, the ISO standard provides important starting points for the audit-proof implementation of a BCM system.

  • you can support the operational business of BCM quickly and easily with the help of professional software.

    With BIC Business Continuity you ensure that your critical business processes are reliably identified and monitored.

Who is this course for?

  • Experts or ICS officers.

  • Consultants in the field of risk, quality or process management.

  • CEOs, manager or specialist teams of internal organization.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their business processes.

What's inside this course...

    1. Intro crises and continuity

    2. Overview: BCM basics

    3. Definition & advantages of BCM

    1. Overview: BCM lifecycle

    2. Why BCM lifecycle?

    3. What is the BCM lifecycle?

    4. 1. Plan

    5. 2. Do (prevention, plans, analysis)

    6. 2. Do (BIA)

    7. 3. Check & 4. Act

    8. Relevant norms

    9. Checkpoint: BCM lifecycle

    1. Overview: BCM in processes

    2. Why BCM in processes

    3. Analysis of the existing process landscape

    4. Development of a BCM process structure

    5. Checkpoint: BCM in processes

    1. Overview: Run BCM

    2. Why a GRC solution for BCM?

    3. Showcase BCM in BIC GRC

    4. Integrated GRC is more than the sum of its parts

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Next steps

    3. Add more depth in BIC

About this course

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