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27 minutes

Accelerate & automate processes

Are you still executing your processes manually and wasting valuable time with repetitive tasks?
If so, this is the right course for you.

Find out how to automate processes without any coding skills with BIC Process Execution. Find your way around the tool and additionally understand the added value of the software and no-code/low-code automation.
Compliance Automation

By the end of this course, you'll have learned how...

  • to use the advantages of
    no-code/low-code automation.

    Learn how automation enables small teams, consisting of citizen developers, a fast implementation and manageable costs.

  • to create a ProcessApp out of
    BIC Process Design.

    You can create ProcessApps directly from business modeling and instantiate them in the process.

  • to use a ProcessApp.

    Understand the difference between a ProcessApp and ProcessApp collections to organize processes into groups.

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone who is interested in no-code/low-code automation

  • Process modelers who want to extend the knowledge of BIC Process Design

  • Employees and responsible persons in process management

Janina Klimmek
& the GBTEC-Team

Janina is part-time consultant, part-time one of our educators and an expert in executing processes. With her broad knowledge of process management, she now focuses not only on the optimization of processes, but also on making processes fit for a real-time execution. When you talk to her, you will notice how passionate she is about making processes work. So why don’t you take this course with her and see if she can get you hooked on the benefits of automated processes? Let’s go!

Janina Klimmek
[email protected]
Janina Klimmek Consultant at GBTEC

What's inside this course...

    1. Welcome

    2. Low-code vs. no-code automation

    3. No-code automation with BIC Process Execution

    1. Introducing ProcessApps

    2. Exploring ProcessApps

    3. Task view for everyday use

    1. All the magic of creating a ProcessApp

    2. Get your ProcessApp ready for different stages

    3. Fast-Forwarding through the digitization of a process

    1. Congratulation!

    2. Your input matters

    3. Add more depth in BIC

About this course

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